The State of Things

Hello, old friends. It sure has been a while since I’ve had an update and boy have there been a lot of happenings since then. 

One of the biggest changes, especially as it relates to my last blog post, is that A and I are now a ‘thing.’ This has been been a big step for myself to undertake because of the divorce that I was apart of just 7 months ago. 

I do like A but making our ‘thing’ into an actual relationship was a difficult decision to make. I had to battle through thoughts of worrying about people talking about me being in another relationship this soon. I was wasn’t sure how to approach the idea of defining what we are. 

In all honesty, I’m still a little shaky about posting the status of our relationship on Facebook (if it’s not on Facebook then it’s not official, right?) because I am still friends with family members of my ex’s and I don’t want to hurt them. I know that’s an irrational worry but it’s something I’ve struggled with nonetheless. 

The last update that I’ll provide (and it also does include A as well) is that I messed my knee up playing basketball a couple months ago and had to have reconstructive surgery on my ACL.

 In case you’ve never had a torn ACL, I’ll just tell you that this shit sucks. When it first happens, it hurts like hell, you can’t walk and it’s just a general pain in the butt. Then, the only way for an torn ACL to repair is to have reconstructive surgery. I’m currently just under two weeks out from having the surgery and it has, to say the least, not been fun. I’ve had to wear a heavy duty leg/knee brace, I can’t bend my knee at all and I’ve had an annoying pain in my knee none stop. 

Anyways, A has been fantastic through this whole process. Prior to the surgery she was concerned and caring about my wellbeing. After the surgery, she has been even better. She drove two plus hours to come visit me (I’ve been staying with my parents while I recover), she brought me a ‘get well’ gift and has been overall fantastic through everything. 

I know this post has been forever and a day long, so I’ll go ahead and end this. I know I’m not where I want to be in my life at this point, but things are definitely improving. 



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