The State of Dating

It’s a story that most single individuals know all too well: Dating is hard and confusing. 

This is a lesson that I am currently learning the hard way. 

You have to meet someone that has a mutual attraction, you have to coordinate times and dates, you have to seemingly be an expert in small talk and, among other things, you have to be able to determine whether you and your date are looking for the same thing at the same time. 

In my case, I have met someone that I share an attraction with, we’ve been able to set up dates and we have both been pretty good at small talk as a means of getting to know each other. 

However, that last necessity I listed has led to a great deal of confusion. I have no idea whether we are looking for the same thing at the same time. 

The girl in question (we’ll just call her A for the time being) has said that she is looking for something a little more serious. I’ve said that I’m open to anything but don’t have anything in mind that I’m searching out. 

On the surface, this seems like everything should be good to go for both of us. But that’s just the surface. 

 I would like to see where things can go. However, A seems to be a little less sure of where we may, or may not, be headed. Im really confused because I think we match pretty similarly. 

I’m unsure of where exactly she’s at as far as we are concerned. 

Because of this, I’m going to man up and come right out with it tomorrow. I’m going to tell her where I’m at and how I interpret what she said as to where she is at.

Stay tuned for more info…


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